Equipment Needed

Here is your big chance to please the XYL by putting some order to the shack — especially if you forgot about Valentine’s Day — again! Hi Hi.

I will buy some of the stuff that you don’t use and that you will probably never need.

I, on the other hand, “really” need the following:

  • MFJ 269 Pro Antenna Analyser or Equivalent Model
  • HF In-line SWR and POWER Meter
  • Current Balun, 1:1
  • Soldering Station

Please reply to Joe stating asking price, vintage and condition.

Wanted: Space Age Components

Wanted – Space Age Components, Sputnik that is, vacuum tube era bits and pieces. I need everything from BC radios to whatever. Doesn’t have to work, just be of that vintage. In particular, 455 kHz IF transformers and power transformers. All chassis accepted.


Contact Russel (VE3FSN) via the usual means, or through this web site.