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Greetings to all that have indicated an interest enrolling in this year’s Amateur Radio Course sponsored by the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club Inc. We have had over 40 people that have indicated an interest in taking our course over that last many months. If anybody has previously expressed an interest in the 2018 course but no longer intends registering for the course conducted weekly, Monday evenings at the Science and Technology Museum until mid-December, please let us know now so we can make space for another student. That said, regular attendance is not necessary for completing the course and being successful on the examination.

Registration will be Monday evening, 17 September, at 19h00 at the Canada Science and Technology Museum located at 1867 St. Laurent, Ottawa.  Enter on the south side, directly into Studio 6 as shown on the map below (click map to open large version in a new tab):

Parking for OVMRC meetings

Come as early as 6:45 pm if you wish; this will help us commence the formalities of collecting your registration form and tuition fee. The cost of the course is $100 by cheque payable to the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club (or OVMRC for short) or by cash. Your fee includes a one year membership in our Club and helps us cover the costs of insurance and for rental of the meeting room(s) at the Museum and entitles you to take the ISED Federal Government Exam for your Basic Amateur Radio Qualification Certificate following the course, free of additional charge. Members of the Club provide services teaching this course on a volunteer basis and receive no personal remuneration.

Please print out this registration form, fill out and have ready for next Monday. If for any reason you can not attend next Monday, formal registration can take place at the first class you can attend.

Following registration, a presentation will be given on the course syllabus and objectives, in general terms what amateur radio is all about, and specifically indicating the wonderful amount of radio spectrum that is allocated nationally and internationally to the amateur radio service. Be prepared to stay until 21h30. This kick-off lecture is available for your review at:

We meet for class indicated as Studio 6 on the map above. Parking for the course is free of charge in the designated area “OVMRC Parking Lot”.  Parking anywhere else may result in a parking ticket if you do not pay the prescribed $4.

Click here for our schedule of classes and topics; this is subject to change depending on how we progress.

We also invite you all to take an interest in our regular meetings schedule and activities of the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club. These meetings in themselves can be very tutorial to the aspiring radio amateur. Our Club meetings are scheduled on the 3rd Wednesday evening of the month commencing September 19th in the same meeting room as the course. For up-to-date information about the agenda and presenter, tune into the Club web site . Our Newsletter is called the “Ramber” and is published at the beginning of every month and is available and archived on our Web site. You may wish to “Subscribe” for Club notifications about posting of the current newsletter and other amateur radio event information.

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Field Day 2018

The OVMRC will be setting up a radio site for ARRL Field Day at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Field Day is always the fourth full weekend, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday (2 PM EDT, 23 June) and ending at 1800 UTC Sunday (2PM EDT, 24 June).

Everyone is invited to attend, even if you are not a licenced radio amateur!

You can find us here:

Click for full size

Or visit the ARRL Field Day Locator and search for VE3JW.

June 2016 Fox (Transmitter) Hunt

The OVMRC will host a radio direction finding exercise / transmitter hunt (i.e. fox or bunny hunt) on Saturday, 4 June 2016, at Petrie Island in Orléans, at the north end of Trim Road.  Start time is 11 AM, and the event is expected to run until 2 PM.

Everyone – members, family, friends – is invited.  There is space to picnic and to hunt the transmitters.  Those who wish to join us are to meet at the picnic tables near the parking lot.

Bring your own picnic lunch and refreshments.

There will be a talk-in on the VE3MPC repeater, 147.150+

Please contact Norm (VE3LC) by email (link will open your mail program) to let him know if you are planning to attend and how many in your group.  If that link does not work, you can also contact the webmaster with your information.

Full Details of the Transmitter Hunt:

Entrants can work individually or in two or three person teams.

To locate both (two), 2 metre, low power beacon transmitters that will be hidden on the grounds of Petrie Island within reasonable short hiking distance from the starting point. Each of the two transmitters will be transmitting on different frequencies.

Ideally, directional antennas will assist in finding the transmitters however, it may be possible to find the transmitters using nothing more that a conventional 2 meter FM handheld portable with standard antenna. The transmitters will be transmitting a steady CW carrier signal with an occasional Morse ID. Frequencies of the beacon transmitters will be provided at the site.

The two transmitters will likely be hidden in opposing directions so two individuals or teams can depart from the starting point at the same time seeking one or the other transmitter. After finding the transmitter and marking the sign-in sheet where the transmitter is located or after 30 minutes (which ever comes first) the individual or team will promptly return to the starting point to be sent off to try to find the second hidden transmitter. A longer time than 30 minutes may be given to try to find the transmitters depending on how many participants there are for the event.

Participant will be requested to have a dedicated second portable tuned to 146.52 to listen for instructions to return to the event control when time limit is up. Radios will be on hand for folks without a second radio.

73 and we hope to see you there!

Norm, VE3LC