May Meeting

The club General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 18 May at the usual time.

Norm Rashleigh (VE3LC) will be presenting on the topic of the Winlink radio email system and the RMS email client software.

In addition, there will be door prizes, and the 50/50 draw.  There will be a special door prize opportunity of an FT101E transceiver for course graduates this year who made HF privileges.

April Meeting

The OVMRC meeting will take place on Wednesday, 20 April at 19h30 at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.  Dave Green, VE3TLY will be presenting on the topic of Solar Power and will describe Dave’s “off-the-grid” solar power system at his summer cottage.

Solar panel

Remember, your attendance at the monthly meetings is recorded. The more you attend, the bigger your chances in the lottery draw of a $200 Gift Certificate for Radio World at the June AGM meeting!