Did You Find SuitSat Fascinating?

suitsat-in-spaceTHEN…You should consider becoming an Amateur Radio operator!

The original goal of SuitSat-1 was to inspire school aged children so that they may become interested in space, science, and Amateur Radio but you don’t have to be a kid, just a kid at heart!

Amateur Radio is a fun and rewarding hobby which will help you understand and experiment with new communications technologies, including satellites! “Ham Radio” is much more than morse code, it is new and exciting. Consider becoming a “Ham”! You can find out more about Amateur Radio at our club meetings and consider attending one of our offered courses in Amateur Radio here.

“We are all anxiously awaiting for the launch of SuitSat-2, hopefully soon. So, ALL KIDS AT HEART…. get your license NOW and get your receivers and 2m Boomer antennas ready!!”