Field Day 2018

The OVMRC will be setting up a radio site for ARRL Field Day at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Field Day is always the fourth full weekend, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday (2 PM EDT, 23 June) and ending at 1800 UTC Sunday (2PM EDT, 24 June).

Everyone is invited to attend, even if you are not a licenced radio amateur!

You can find us here:

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Or visit the ARRL Field Day Locator and search for VE3JW.

Field Day Workshop

We now have confirmation the grounds of Aviation Museum are available again this year for Field Day. Permission granted by Stacy Wakeford, new Director, Visitor Experience. ┬áTo plan the event and provide info to members, a workshop will be held at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum regarding the club’s annual Field Day exercise on Monday, 9 May, at 19h00.

Anyone interested in participating in the OVMRC Field Day event is encouraged to attend!