The Pot Lid Net Returns

Yes, the OVMRC Pot Lid Net is back on the air!  Since the PLN ended its last session in June 2021, several hams who are in the process of learning The Code expressed their need for a more realistic environment to keep practicing so as to improve their proficiency and get their speed up to a reasonable rate.  Much humming and hawing took place until finally, a decision was taken between me and Norm, VE3LC, to reinstate the PLN, however to be on 2 metres rather than its old place on 3620 kHz.

The first 2 metre PLN was held on January 16 and attracted several old timers as well as newcomers, some of whom admitted to overcoming first-time jitters in daring to check in.  Well, congratulations on getting past being “key shy” and joining in – it gets much easier with each subsequent check in.

So, everyone, please consider joining in to the New PLN each Sunday evening – 19:30 local time, 144.095 MHz., vertical polarisation. The net procedure follows much along the lines of the old PLN, a copy of the net script can be found here.

Net control duties are currently being shared between me, Hugo – VE3KTN, and Norm – VE3LC, but we would like to have someone step up and take the lead as NCS.  Volunteers, please email to


Hugo, ve3ktn,
Chair, OVMRC Nets & Ops.