OVMRC Executive

President Barry Allison
barry.allison@rogers.com Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario, graduated high school in 1968 and move to Toronto to attend Ryerson Polytechincal Institute (RPI) now Ryerson University, and graduate as an Electronic Technologist, Electronics major in 1972


During and after graduation from Ryerson I worked for Motorola in Toronto, and subsequently in Edmonton, Alberta for a 7 year stint.  I then moved over to the RCMP for 33 years, focusing on the design of mobile radio communication systems for public safety.  This eventually required a move to Ottawa.

The main thrust with the RCMP was designing VHF FM communications systems in various provinces and territories in Canada concluding with the latgest North American P25 encrypted communications system for public safety, in the province of Saskatchewan.

Callsigns: first licenced in Toronto as VE3CUE (a very good CW call) in 1972, then the move to Alberta in 19767 and licenced as VE3BGA, and then back to Ontario in Ottwa in 1981 as VE3NJK, the call I use today with my Advanced Amateur certificate.  I have rovered for the VHF contests, operate HF and I like to build stuff, circuitry, and antennas.  Outside the hobby I like to work with wood and I do a fair amount of auto mechanics.

I retired from the RCMP in July 2010 and am a current life time member of QCWA and hold memberships in RAC, OVMRC, and OARC.

Vice-President Norm Rashleigh
VE3LC@rac.ca Norm Rashleigh was first licenced as radio amateur by the “Department of Transport” in 1963 with the call sign VE3DVF. He obtained his Advanced Amateur certificate in 1964. In those days, Morse code proficiency had to be demonstrated for both qualification levels at 10 and 15 wpm.


In 1989, Norm obtained his 2 letter call sign, VE3LC which was previously held by renown artist and geologist and arctic explorer, Dr. Maurice Haycock.

Norm Rashleigh is retired from a career in radio systems engineering with the RCMP. Many coop engineering students came under Norm’s supervision while he was employed and most of those completed their work term with their amateur radio certificate under his tutelage .

Since retirement, Norm has served on the executive of Radio Amateurs of Canada and a term as the Electromagnetic Compatibility Committee Chairman of the Radio Advisory Board of Canada. Norm Rashleigh remains a member Radio Amateurs of Canada where he continues to serve on the Editorial Review Committee. He is also a member of the American Radio Relay League, the Radio Society of Great Britain, the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club and the Quarter Century Wireless Association, Chapter 70. Norm also leads the amateur radio training course for the OVMRC.

Norm remains an active amateur radio operator enjoying and promoting the technical aspects of the hobby.

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Webmaster and Social Media Darin Cowan
VE3OIJ@amsat.org Darin first found an interest in radio back in the mid-1970’s, acquiring a GRS radio and experimenting with antennas. By 1980, he had constructed receivers, learned Morse code and was an avid short wave listener. In the mid-1980’s, Darin joined the Canadian Forces and was placed in the Communications Branch where he worked on radar and technical projects.


In 1992, due to a coincidence of timing and location, he wrote his amateur radio basic exam and was granted the callsign VE3OIJ. In for a penny, in for a pound, Darin wrote the morse code test, then the Advanced class exam in the next few months. For the next 4 years, Darin was active on VHF and UHF, mostly fox hunting and experimenting with local communications.

In 2006 VE3OIJ became active on the HF bands in digital modes. Today, Darin can be heard regularly on PSK, JT-65, SSTV, and other digital modes. Even, rarely, on CW or phone!

Darin volunteered at the club’s museum station VE3JW in 2007, and has been coordinating the station for many years with the help of club volunteers.