OVMRC Pot Hole Net

The net is held every Sunday morning at 10:00 Ottawa local time on
3760 kHz., LSB.


Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen!  This is (announce your name and call sign) Net Control Station for the “Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club Pot Hole Net”.

This net was established in May of 1959 and meets on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. on 3760 kHz.  All stations are welcome to call into the net. Membership in the Club is not a requirement.

The purpose of this Net is to announce forthcoming Amateur Radio activities, pertinent bulletins and to provide an opportunity for participants to discuss technical or other related Amateur activities.

The net procedures are as follows: First there will be an opportunity for stations to check in with priority granted to mobile stations.  This will be followed by a call for other check-ins and any announcements.  Stations with announcements are encouraged to participate.  The announcements will be followed by a Swap Net.  Please note this net is not held during the summer months of July & August.  A brief informal Rag Chew will follow for those stations wishing to participate.

Your Net Control Station this morning is (announce your name and call sign) and I’m located at (announce your location).  Before we continue, do we have any urgent or priority traffic?

Notes for Net Procedures:

1. Ask for check-ins from Mobile or Portable Stations, which have priority over base stations.

2. Ask for check-ins from Base Stations

– from outside the Ottawa-Carleton area
– then from inside the Ottawa-Carleton area

3. Ask if there are any announcements or queries?

4. Ask for any other check-ins and proceed to the first-round discussion calling on all check-ins logged so far.

5. Before starting the second-round discussion, request that if any participant is looking for any equipment or components, or it they have any items for sale, trade or give away to include that in the second round.

6. Any more check-ins?

7. Conduct Rag Chew portion of net, call stations in order of their check-in.  Begin by asking if anyone has a need for information or technical advice or any comments or observations.  Very often a topic for discussion will emerge.  If not, you may introduce a topic, preferably related to amateur radio activities or concerns.

At about 10:45 a.m., before closing the net, make the following announcement for the Pot Lid Net:

“Please don’t forget the “Pot Lid Net” on Sunday morning at 11:00am on 3620 kHz.  It is a slow speed CW net, good code practice for newcomer and old timers alike.”

Closing the Net:

Are there any further check-ins or final comments before I close the Net?

Thank you for joining the Pot Hole Net this morning.  Have a very good day and I hope you will be able to join us again.

This is (announce your name and call sign), Net Control Station for the “Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club Pot Hole Net” signing the Net at (give current local time).

73 & Thank you and good morning to all!