OVMRC 2-Meter Net

As of 21 Jan 2016, the net runs at 20h00 local time on Thursday evenings.

OVMRC 2-Meter Net format

  1. Opening – Preamble and call.
  2. First round.
  3. Second call.  Give any responding stations their first round before heading to the top of the list.
  4. Second round, minimum 2 rounds per net.
  5. 3rd / Last call.  Third round optional, time and interest permitting. At this point give any last call stations an opportunity to address the net.
  6. Call for announcements? / Make announcements.
  7. Promote the Pot Hole Net – 3.760 MHz 10am local Sundays
  8. Call for Any last thoughts?
  9. ‘Any ideas or comments concerning either of the OVMRC Nets can be sent to the Radio Operations Chairman, VE3EKN (phonetically), whose information is good on QRZ.com’
  10. Announce check-in tally and runtime.
  11. “Thank you… next net is (date/time)” and formally close The OVMRC 2 METER NET.


Good evening Ottawa area radio amateurs! This is (NCS Call). My name is (NCS Name) and I am located in (NCS QTH).

This is THE OVMRC 2 METER NET here on repeater VE3TWO.

Located in Ottawa, VE3TWO is owned and maintained by the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club.

This net’s main purposes are:

  • to share ideas
  • to make announcements
  • to enjoy radio conversation and comradery
  • and in general, to promote interest in the club’s on air activities.

The net is also an excellent opportunity to ensure equipment is working correctly, both the repeater and our individual stations.

I would especially like check-ins from club members, but of course any licensed amateurs are welcome and encouraged to check-in if they wish.

This is a controlled net.

Opening THE OVMRC 2 METER NET for (Month, Day, Year), This is (NCS Name – Phonetic Call), net control. Any stations wishing to check-in, please come now with your call and name…