OVMRC 2-Metre Net

The net is held every Thursday evening at 20:00 Ottawa local time on repeater VE3TWO.  The repeater is accessed on 147.300/900 MHz. and a 100 Hz. tone.

OVMRC 2-Meter Net Preamble & Format

Good evening, all radio amateurs and welcome to the OVMRC 2 metre FM Net.  This is {call}, my name is {name}, your net control for tonight.  This net is sponsored by the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club for the purposes of passing traffic, verifying the operation of this repeater and participants’ radio equipment, providing a venue for Club announcements, and promoting camaraderie among Club members.

The net is conducted each Thursday evening from September to June at 8 pm local time in analogue FM mode over repeater VE3TWO. The repeater is accessed on an input of 147.9 MHz. and requires a 100 Hz. tone. The repeater will time out after 3 minutes – there’s no limit on each person’s talk time but please be mindful of the timer. You can reset the timer by dropping your carrier and waiting for the repeater tail to drop.

This is a controlled net. All stations are requested to address their traffic through net control, that’s me, {name} – {call}.

– Call for in/out check-ins, [these checkins do not go on the roundtable list]
– Call for words from Club President & stations with traffic or
   announcements, [these go on the round table list, a second checkin is not
   required of these stations],
– Invitation to visitors to Ottawa/Outaouais wishing to check in and first-
   time local hams,
– General check-ins,
– Round table discussion from all check-ins,
– Second call for check-ins,
– NCS announcements:
  – plug for Pothole Net on Sunday, 3760 kHz., 10 a.m. local
  – plug for Potlid Slow Speed CW Net on Sunday, 3620 kHz., 11 a.m. local
  – local hamfests/flea markets in the next month
  – space weather report: Sunspot #, 10.7 cm. flux #, A-index, K-index
  – any news not reported at the beginning of the net
  – contests coming up on the weekend that may be of interest

– Second round table discussion or open discussion depending on time
  [target net runtime is ~1hr]

– Final Call and Conclusion.