Digital Experimental Net

DEXNET – Sunday Evenings from first Sunday after Labour Day to last Sunday before Field Day,

19:30 Ottawa Local Time, 50.750 MHz., USB, Horizontal Polarisation.

Welcome all radio amateurs to the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club Digital Experimental Net. The purpose of this net is to encourage those who have had a passing interest in operating the new, and some old, digital modes being heard on HF, to revisit getting their gear on the air and providing a forum for testing them with other Ottawa area enthusiasts.

Of course we know the popularity of WSJT-X and FT8, but there are several digital modes that allow for a more traditional QSO where one can hold an ad-hoc and leisurely conversation with another operator. Some of these modes are augmented with significant error correction which may permit QRP and DX contacts under rather poor band conditions. Take note that W1AW digi bulletins are being sent using RTTY (very old tech), PSK31 (not that old tech), and MSK16 (more recent tech). Apart from keeping up to date with ARRL bulletins, the different modes also give an idea of differences in their effectiveness under varying band conditions.

So, all radio amateurs are invited to join in this net on Sunday evenings, 7:30 p.m. Ottawa time. The gathering starts off with all check-ins on PSK-31 and then we may move on to another mode as decided in real time or if anyone has a particular mode they want to try out.  The net was originally intended to be more formal however with the variability in number of check-ins, it’s been decided to simply “go with the flow”.  If we do move off to a more sophisticated mode, participants using FLDigi are requested to enable their “TXID” so as to aid in identifying the mode being used.

Page updated 15 Sep. 2021.