OVMRC 2019 Field Day Exercise – 22/23 June

Club Members and Visitors Join us at the annual Field Day Amateur Radio Communications Exercise & Competition.

Place: Aviation and Space Museum – The Big Open Field south of Parking Lot
Date: June 22-23, 2019

  • Setup: Friday afternoon, June 21 and Saturday morning June 22
  • Radio Communications Exercise: 2 pm Saturday for 24 hours
  • Site tear-down: Sunday afternoon after 2 pm.

Club Field Day Call Sign: VE3JW
Field Day GOTA Call Sign: VE3RAM

Talk-in: VE3TWO Repeater 147.30 MHz + (100Hz tone)
Alternate Talk-in: 146.52 MHz Simplex
(Local Ottawa Hams, please all give us a FD contact on 146.52 MHz)

Members of the General Public (especially those with an interest in STEM) are encouraged and welcome to drop-in on our Field Day Communications Exercise and we will show and explain what amateur radio is all about and how you can get involved in this wonderful and exciting hobby.

What you can see:

  • Amateur Radio Communications through Low Earth Orbiting Satellites.
  • High Frequency (Short Wave) world-wide capable communications.
  • Morse Code and Voice Communications.
  • Amateur Radio Digital Communications.
  • Information on what you need to know to obtain your Certificate of Proficiency in Amateur Radio issued by the Federal Government.
  • General Information of how various radio services are authorized to utilize the radio spectrum in Canada.
  • How amateur radio provides volunteer communications services for public events such as the CN Bike Ride for CHEO
  • How amateur radio operators provide volunteer communications services in times of disaster relief when conventional communications services fail or are overloaded.

For further information, contact Norm at VE3LC<@>rac.ca  (*** remove the < and > )

Proposed Revisions to the OVMRC By-Laws

Attention OVMRC Membership – Proposed Revisions to the OVMRC By-Laws

Available for download are the “Proposed Revisions to the OVMRC By-Laws”.  The Club’s executive committee members have been working on revising the Club’s By-Laws for several weeks and wish to raise a motion of acceptance by the membership at the May, 2019 meeting.

The main areas of revision include:

  • Removal section 9.5 “Limitations on Terms of Office” that restricts Directors (President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary) to serve more than 3 consecutive terms (of 1 year) in the same Director position.  ( At the present time, this restriction would prevent our existing Treasurer continuing to serve in that position for another year. ) Of course, all incumbent Directors that agree to continue serving the Club can be challenged by appropriate nomination of another willing and eligible candidate and election at the Annual General Meeting in June.
  • Adding to the responsibility of the Treasurer position the keeping of the membership database to facilitate better correlation of membership status with the payment of annual membership dues.  
  • Renaming what was previously known as the “Membership Committee” to “Reception and Welcoming Committee” and transferring the keeping of membership records to the Treasurer as indicated above. 
  • Removal of the “Amateur Radio Exhibit Committee” as the exhibit station at the Museum no longer exists.
  • Many other word editing changes of various sections in keeping with  name changes of the Department responsible to radio spectrum matters.
  • Other additions to some sections to better define responsibilities of Directors and Committees, timing of posting notices, and methods of communicating business matters to the membership.

For preparation of a membership vote on the Proposed Revisions, please read the highlighted and commented areas of change available for download here: https://www.ovmrc.on.ca/Rambler/OVMRC_Proposed_Revisions_to_BYLAWS_for_Approval_May_2019.pdf .

Compare with the original document (2012) found at: https://www.ovmrc.on.ca/Rambler/OVMRC_By-Laws_2012-04-26.pdf   .  

Also, the Club’s executive committee seeks nominations for eligible and willing Club members (see section 8.2 of the By-Laws) that wish to serve the Club for any of the Director positions or chairpersons of committees as defined in the By-Laws.   Such nominations can be sent to any Director of the Club and a determination will be made whether or not the candidate is eligible. 

Posting by:

Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC@rac.ca

The Pot Hole Net’s 60th Anniversary Rally

    The Pot Hole Net has been in continuous operation since May of 1959. In celebration of the net’s 60th anniversary we will be holding a six-net rally that will give qualifying participants a chance to earn one of three levels of certificates. The rally will start with the PHN on Sunday April 21st and run through to Sunday May 26th. For further details and guidelines, please refer to the April issue of the OVMRC Rambler.

    The nets will run in their usual manner and check-ins will be recorded by our regular NCSs, VE3EJJ and VE3XRA.

    Not everyone has the space or ability to deploy a resonant antenna for 80m and we are aware that a few hams, as well as others, listen along on Sunday mornings. There is an opportunity to earn a SWL certificate for those who report on at least three of the six qualifier nets.

Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club’s Pot Hole Net – 3760 kHz, Sunday mornings at 10am local.

    The Pot Hole Net is an important part our club’s history and deserves to be recognized in an active fashion. It will be fun to see how this event plays out.

    Any questions concerning The Pot Hole Net’s 60th Anniversary Rally can be sent to ve3ekn@gmail.com .

    Good luck to all participants!