Field Day 2018

The OVMRC will be setting up a radio site for ARRL Field Day at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Field Day is always the fourth full weekend, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday (2 PM EDT, 23 June) and ending at 1800 UTC Sunday (2PM EDT, 24 June).

Everyone is invited to attend, even if you are not a licenced radio amateur!

You can find us here:

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Or visit the ARRL Field Day Locator and search for VE3JW.

Slim Jim Antenna Project UPDATE

This just in from Barry Allison (VE3NA):

The original instructions for the Slim Jim 2 metre antenna gave dimensions that were in error due to calculations based on an incorrect value for the velocity factor of the 300 ohm twin lead given by the cable vendor. Folks that received and already built their kits based on the previous instructions will be given a replacement length of 300 ohm cable to correct the problem that resulted in a high SWR.

Download the (updated) project documentation here: Click to Download

Slim Jim Antenna Project

The Slim Jim Antenna kits are now available for all that signed up, at a price of $25.  Contact Barry Allison (VE3NA).

Barry will have the kits available at the OVMRC Christmas DInner.

Credits for the kit project and the documentation go to Barry Allison (VE3NA) and Marc Bélanger (VE3BOE).

Download the project documentation here: Click to Download

If you need a PDF reader, you can download that here: Foxit Reader.

IARU Region 2 Bandplan

As part of the XIX IARU Region 2 General Assembly in Viña del Mar, Chile, a new Band Plan for Region 2 was approved on October 14, 2016 during.  The document is published on the IARU Region 2 website in English and Spanish.

The changes aimed at harmonization with Regions 1 and 3, recognizance of some band occupations in Region 2 and the contextualization of the satellite segments to encourage the use of new technologies in space communications.

The main modifications are:

  • Introduction of the 60 m allocation with sub-bands, footnotes and definitions harmonized with Region 1;
  • The inclusion of ACDS in 2200 m, restriction of bandwidth in 630 m, harmonization of the 160 m and 80 m, especially on digital sub-bands;
  • Recognition of the calling frequency 144.3 MHz in 2 m and AM practice in 15 m;
  • Editorial changes in the footnotes related to ACDS, additional footnotes related to AM and editorial changes in some of the footnotes, modes and bandwidths of satellites sub-bands.

The Band Plan does not have an enforcement power per se but serves as a guide to the Member Societies. According the IARU Region 2 Band Plan “it is suggested that Member Societies, in coordination with the authorities, incorporate it [the Band Plan] in their regulations and promote widely with their amateur radio communities”.

RAC was represented at the meetings in Chile by Glenn MacDonnel VE3XRA.

73 de Norm VE3LC