Change to DEXNET procedure

I’ve had a few private discussions on how the DEXNET has been conducted to date and there is consensus that we really ought to kick off each net with the same communication mode before proceeding to the “mode of the day”. I agree with this approach, so, starting with the net this coming Sunday, Dec 13, the sequence will be:

  • Net Control sends out the welcome message on PSK31, followed by the request for check-ins.
  • Check-ins respond on PSK31.
  • Net Control acknowledges all check-ins heard and requests if there are any relays.
  • After ack of all check-ins, Net Control announces change of mode to the one scheduled for that day.
  • All stations switch mode.
  • Net Control starts the round table with all check-ins.
  • At the conclusion of activities, Net Control announces switch back to PSK31 and closes the net.


Hugo, ve3ktn.