OVMRC Fox Hunt

Date: Saturday, 27 May 2017

Time: Assembly by 10h30

Location to Meet: The parking area on north side of Sir George Étienne Cartier Parkway (formerly known as Rockcliffe Parkway) just east of intersection of Birch Avenue and just west of RCMP Horse grazing pasture. See map.

Talk-in and coordination channel. 147.150 + (VE3MPC)

Objective of Event: To find one or two hidden 2 metre beacon transmitters. One will be hidden relatively close to the starting point within 10 to 15 minute walking range and the other to be hidden a few kilometers away along the parkway. The more distant transmitter should be heard while driving or cycling along the parkway east bound from the starting port. For seeking out the more distant hidden transmitter, it will be necessary to park your car at one of parkway NCC parking areas and from there, try to find the transmitter on foot.  The transmitters will not be hidden deep in the bush but somewhere along an established pathway.

Participants can set out solo or as a team of two or three.  There will be a staggered departure of participants from the starting point with an expected time to return with or without finding the “FOX”.

Frequencies of the transmitters and other details will be given at the beginning of the event.

What you need to bring: Your Lunch and Refreshments (coffee and donuts served on site by OVMRC).

Other personal gear you may need:

  • Folding Lawn Chair(s).
  • 2 Mtr FM portable with stock antenna and spare battery
  • Optional Directional DFing antennas.
  • Optional reception signal attenuation equipment or technique.

WX Forecast:   Looks good at the time of this post!  (Environment Canada Weather for Ottawa)