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Wednesday Evening 7:00pm - 8:00pm VE3TWO 147.300(+)


Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is the "WELCOME MAT NET!"

My name is ______________ VE/A3 _______.  I'm your Net Controller for this evening and all traffic on this net is to be directed to me.  My Net Manager for this evening is ________________(name)                  (call sign) and if I need any help, I will ask for assistance. 


The "WELCOME MAT NET" was started June 3, 1992 by members of the "Class of 92" from the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club (OVMRC).  This net is on every Wednesday evening at this time throughout the year.  We thank the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club (OVMRC) for the use of their repeater VE3TWO.   The purpose of this net is to encourage newly licensed and experienced Amateurs to get on the air.  You are welcome to speak about the weather, your radio experiences, or to provide any amateur radio club news or general announcements.  The "WELCOME MAT NET" also serves to train new Net Controllers and we encourage you to volunteer.  We will give you the necessary information and provide any advice to assist you in becoming a good Net Controller.  If you prefer, a Net Manager can assist you at your station the first time you are the Net Controller.  If you would like to become a net controller, please let me know.


During the first half-hour from 7.00 - 7.30 p.m., we welcome new amateurs licensed two years or less and their instructors.


(NOTE TO THE NET CONTROLLER:)  If you only have a few check-ins at about 7.15pm, you may "open" the net to all amateurs.


During the final half-hour from 7.30 - 8.00 p.m., we welcome any amateurs who wish to join the net.

This is _________________ (name and call sign), your Net Controller for this evening.  I will now take check-ins from all new Amateurs licensed two years or less and their instructors.  Please call now with your call sign and name.









NOTE:  Any changes to the format or conduct of this net, must be submitted to and approved by the Net Managers.  If a problem arises and you need assistance, immediately ask for help from your Net Manager.




1.      Always be polite and never argue with anyone.  DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE OR IN ANY WAY COMMENT UPON ANY MALICIOUS COMMENTS OR DELIBERATE INTERFERENCE WITH THE NET.  Ignore such incidents completely and continue with the net.  Discuss the matter by telephone with your Net Manager after the net is completed.


2.      Always keep your comments short and to a minimum, remember, this is a net for those checking-in!  Give them a chance to speak and encourage them to do so!


3.       EMERGENCIES:  In the event of emergency traffic, tell everyone to stand-by.  The Net Controller is the only one who should respond to the emergency and is responsible to handle the situation and may request assistance from others.


4.      Several times during the net and before closing the net, ask for any volunteer Net Controllers, take their name, call sign and telephone number and after the net, inform your Net Manager.


5.      Write down the first group of check-ins as you hear them.  Acknowledge each by their call-sign, ask for any others and add them also.


6.      Start at the top of first group, Welcome each person by their call sign and name, and invite them to say a few words.  When you have gone through this first group, ask for more check-ins and add the second group to the list.  Go to the top of the second group and proceed as before.


7.      Anyone that asks for a re-check is allowed to proceed immediately before the next person on your list.


8.      Repeat the above until about 7.40 p.m. and then announce you are going to go through the entire list from the top to allow each person their final comment.


9.      Thank everyone for participating and remind them the "WELCOME MAT NET" meets again next Wednesday.








1.      The Welcome Mat Net is managed by volunteers from the graduating class of the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club Amateur (OVMRC) Radio Course.  These managers will pass responsibility for the net to the next graduating course and will provide assistance to the new net managers to ensure an orderly transition.  


2.      Prior to each Welcome Mat Net, the Net Manager is responsible to train or otherwise instruct the Net Controller and shall provide the Net Controller with a copy of the "Welcome Mat Net Preamble", "General Instructions for the Net Controller" and the "Check-In List".


3.      If no Net Controller is available, the Net Manager responsible for that evening, will become the Net Controller and conduct the net.  This has proven to provide continuity for the Welcome Mat Net and ensures it is “on the air” whether or not there is a net controller.

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