Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club, Incorporated




Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is [My call sign],  

and my name is ___________________________.


Welcome to the Wise Owl Net.  This Amateur Radio net meets every Friday evening, except during July and August, at 20:00 hours or 8 p.m. local time on this repeater, VE3TWO.  This net originated on January 23, 1980.


The Wise Owl Net is sponsored by the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club Inc. (OVMRC).  However, membership in the club is not a requirement and all radio amateurs are welcome to check-in.


The purpose of this net is to pass along informal traffic, any news bulletins from Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc. (RAC), any announcements, some wisdom and to rag-chew.


Im ready now to take any check-ins for this evening net.  Please call now with your call sign and name.






This is [my call sign],  signing off the net at __________ (9 PM usually) and returning the repeater to regular operation.


Thank you and good night.


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