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"Good evening ladies, gentlemen and scanner listeners.  This is __________________  and I'm your Net Control Station for this evening’s "News and History Net."  This net is held at this time every Tuesday evening, except during the months of July & August.  


We thank the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club Inc. for the use of this repeater VE3TWO, on 147.300 (+), 444.200 (+), and to Doug Bannard VE3SPF, owner of VE3RVI, the 6m repeater on 53.030 MHz.  We invite you to check-in every Tuesday evening from 20:00 - 21:00 hours.


The News and History Net was originally called the "Military Net."  It started about 1982 on repeater VE3URC located at Uplands Canadian Forces Base Amateur Radio Club.  The "Military Net" was established for members of the armed forces only.  However, it has evolved and in the interests of providing a better net covering a broader range of subjects, the name of the net was changed to "The News and History Net".


This net is open to all Amateurs who wish to speak about current events, news, history or local amateur radio events and activities.  You are invited to check in and to provide your views on current events about Canadian news and history or from other sources as well.  You are also encouraged to share your own radio activities or interesting and positive experiences, any stories or to discuss subjects of general interest.  We welcome any amateurs who would like to check in, provide comments or simply join the discussion.


If you would like to serve as a net control station for this net, please telephone any of the executive.


This is                                                       your Net Control Station for this evening.  This is a controlled net and all traffic should be directed through me.  Just a reminder, the repeater timer has a maximum limit of 3 minutes & 10 seconds and it will put you off the air if you fail to allow the repeater time to reset.


Please check-in now with your call sign and your name."

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